Why choose a creative firm that is in the middle of nowhere?


Well, why not?

We're creative people.  

We're always working on something.  We thrive on country life - for the fact that things are busy enough in our office without having to step outside into more chaos.

Creative people do their best work when they are "in their element".  And we have that here.

Most of us live in small towns within thirty minutes of our office.

You see, we love the fact that the biggest delay in our town might just be a train, maybe even two, on a very busy day.  And it just isn't too busy around here that we're ever going to run into traffic.

This means we get more done on an average workday (not that any day here is ever average, by any means).

We enjoy a lower cost of living and lower overhead.  

We moved here from Seattle.  So you get the best of both worlds - Seattle Studio Talent and more affordable prices. 

We're really big on that affordable part.

We firmly believe that every business can be successful if it simply just looks the part.

After all, we're visual people.  We are attracted to what we see.

There's a reason you dress up to see your banker or for an important meeting.  Because you want to look your best.  

That same principle applies to your business when it comes to your logo and your web presence.

We set out to make each of our projects "portfolio worthy".  In fact, we don't bend the rule on that one.  At all.  Ever.  Period.

Every site we build has to have something that makes people remember it.

We still get the a lot of feedback about the nail we put at the bottom of the home page for PAC NW Structures.

We've been told that we "make the cool stuff."  We couldn't agree more.

Most of our clients are in other cities.  

So once again, as creative people, we find that we have another benefit to being away from the madness - we get to take road trips.  

The best thing about road trips is that no two are ever the same - and each time, one of us finds something that inspires us from a creative perspective, in our travels.  

Think of it this way - that one hour drive back from our meeting with you just opened up our creative mind to contribute even more cool ideas to your project.  

And that, you see, very simply, is how the creative mind works - ideas come from the environment around us.  The more we travel, the better we are at what we do - thanks to an ever changing environment filled with trees and mountains.

Seriously, think about it.  What could be better than watching a larger-than-life canvas on the way back to the office?

You don't have to take our word on it - we'll just show you.