Stand Out in a Crowd with our Unique Printed Materials


We take the same approach to creating printed materials as we do to our digital projects...

Our goal is to create a look and feel using visual elements to help convey your message.  Using brick, wood, concrete, metal, plaster, aluminum and steel, or any other material, we set the stage for presentation.

Getting started is about as simple as giving us a call and telling us what you need.  We'll take the information and images you provide, and go from there.  If you don't have exactly what you need, we're experts at filling in the blanks.

Take a look at some of our work and then get in touch.  We'd love to show you how your company, product, or event can stand out in a crowd.

We love what we do.  And it shows.




Client:  Crush Tasting Room

Project:  Panel Card for Mailing (and digital promotions)

Request:  Create panel card using corrugated aluminum to match the interior of the new tasting room.  The image also included the logo that we built for Crush.

Solution:  Logo was placed on a corrugated panel and provided in multiple formats so client could use for both print and digital needs.  The front can be printed in bulk in full-color; the back is blank and can be run on a digital press or copy machine in smaller quantities.



Client:  K Squared Cellars

Project:  Holiday Print and Digital Ads

Request:  Write copy for some unique ads to promote K Squared Cellars Wine for the Holidays.  The client needed to announce new locations and have a reminder that could be placed in a bag at checkout.

Solution:  We created one ad that announced the K Squared Partnership with new grocers in California.  We created a second series of ads for print and digital use - that included some humorous copy.


Client:  Flowers on Woodworth

Project:  Holiday Open House Custom Printed Invitation, Scrapbook and Do-it-Yourself Style

Request:  Create a unique announcement for the annual Open House that takes place inside the florist.  Create a look and feel that reflects the interior of the shop (brick and wood), uses elements from the community (logging, camping, hiking, nature, Mount Baker), and present a Christmas and Holiday look and feel.

Solution:  We created a panel card that featured "cut-outs" from colored Kraft paper stock, and layered them on top of a wood based that was on a brick foundation.  Outdoor elements were worked into the main Kraft paper as watermarks, while the bold elements (the tree and gift tag) were positioned over the announcement.


Client:  Best Western Plus Tacoma Dome Hotel

Project:  Create a Christmas/Holiday Mailer to be sent to area businesses to help book their meeting and event space.

Request:  Needs to reflect the holiday season, the Pacific Northwest, and list hotel amenities in addition to contact information for the Hotel Sales and Marketing Directors.

Solution:  We created an oversize panel card with a wood base.  The Best Western Plus Logo was placed as an engraved inlay on the wood.  We designed a cranberry on cranberry check ribbon to highlight the property amenities.  The front side was a full bleed.  We created a back side with a minimal white border that had space for a mailing label and postage.